Walk the Moon- the American Indie rock band

About Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon is a band which was formed in Ohio, in Cincinnati in United States of America in 2006. They named their band Walk the Moon after the song “Walking on the Moon” by “The Police”.  The crew of the band had a lot of hard, rough mixed with pleasant ride in their 10 years of journey. The name if heard earlier may be it is because of their famous rock number “Shut up and Dance” . This a famous hit from Walk the moon. Let’s not only look into this hit number only, it is far more than this because their root happens to be much deeper. The band is greatly influenced by the legendary work of Phil Collins, The Police, Tears for Fears and many more.

Walk the Moon tour dates

Walk the Moon, the new wave rock band started their journey with music as an alternative band which was aired on limited radio of America. It was in 2012 when they signed up with RCA records and released their first most important album in June 2012 named Walk the Moon which is actually the re-recorded version of Anna Sun that is “ I want , I want. The Album “I want, I want” was released in November 2010 and after this actual release lot of alternative approached them for the airplay of the track Anna Sun. Needless to mention that this album was the album for summer for consecutive two years. Description of the band remains incomplete without mentioned about the album “Talking is Hard” which was another major release in December 2014. Shut up and Dance is the famous number from the album Talking is Hard and the topped the Billboard Rock songs chart.

Crew Member

The current crew member of Walk the Moon are  as follows:

  • Nicholas Petricca – Lead Vocalist, Keyboard, Synthesizer.
  • Kevin Ray – He remains with bass, backing vocalist and in Guitar.
  • Sean Waugaman – He remains in drums and also backing vocals.
  • Eli Maiman – Guitar and backing vocals.

Awards and Nominations

Walk the Moon was nominated in several Music wards like Teen Choice Award, MTV Video Music Choice Awards, American Music Awards, HeartRadio Music Awards and Billboards Music Award.  Among these they won Billboard Music Awards in 2017.

Tour dates of Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon rock numbers will never stop you from singing and to be a part of their live performance is something which is not a thing to be missed. This new wave rock band will never let you stop a minute from singing, dancing, jumping and so to say to be fully into the show with all enthusiasm.

Make sure that you are here.

  • 24 June 2017, Saturday

Oakwood Beach , Chicago, Il, US

  • 25th June 2017 Sunday

Oakwood Beach, Chicago, IL, US

  • 15 September 2017, Friday – 17 September 2017, Sunday,

Rock in Rio 2017, ParqueOlimpico da Barra, Rio de Janrio, Brazil

This American Indie Rock Band Walk the Moon will make sure that the audiences have the time of their lives.