Dahon Espresso Folding Bike Reviewed

With the “Coffee” what you see is the thing that you get and you get what you pay for. This folding bike does its occupation as it ought to. Similarly as you wouldn’t anticipate that a bike will transform into an exceptionally quick Japanese road cruiser over night don’t expect excessively and it may meet and even beat your desires.

Dahon Espresso


This folding bike is great incentive for cash. It’s a generally economical, full size organizer whose casing folds fifty-fifty rapidly and effectively with the special reward of removable, hanging handlebars and folding pedals. The collapsed form fits advantageously into your auto trunk and in doing as such kills a bike rack yet has a solid casing with a wide, ergonomically well disposed seat. It’s pleasant to have a first class folding system on a standard, full size folding bike rather than huge numbers of what I call the bazaar envelopes available with their small wheels more suited for enormous top jokesters than genuine commuters. This bike is shockingly quick and the brakes are exceedingly viable and convey prompt reaction, ceasing capacity.


This is a viable yet cheap folding bike that contains “stock” as opposed to “custom” parts; remember that and recall how little you paid for it and you’ll remain fulfilled. The real objections from clients are:

1) The apparatus moving framework is portrayed by one rider as “risky” because of its inclination to skip riggings and move suddenly; obviously the 21 gears and the instrument completely could be of higher quality.

2) The ‘low end’ tires could be smoother and more responsive and it’s normal for proprietors to supplant the “stock” variants with better quality ones; it’s no big surprise then that the ride has been portrayed as “shaky” and “bouncy” by clients.

 3) The edge while not conveying the most stable ride is of tough development and albeit new casing sizes make up for short seat posts at 35 lbs this is still a substantial bike.

Minor aggravations are: poor seat sythesis (breaks apart from the base of the seat), modest pedals, a handlebar expulsion lever stalling out, rapidly decaying bike rest (to prop up bike in collapsed position), and a wobbly chain rail cover (apparently minor yet fundamental for securing work pants).


Yes, don’t expect a superior quality folding bike at low end costs and you won’t be disillusioned. This bike conveys quick and clean folding, the ride of a standard bike in a reduced bundle, and a low sticker cost. The Dahon Espresso does the occupation to say the very least.

Extras for Your Selection

At last, after you have settled on your last decision on the sort and model of the folding bike, you need to pick your accomplices to supplement your chose bike. For wellbeing, select segments that are solid, sturdy and light in weight. Remembering that the better the extras the more prominent is the ride and solace. When you have picked your bike, you continue to pick the essential gear, security extras like protective caps, front and back lights, chimes, lock et cetera. Once a last decision is made, ride securely and make the most of your foldable bike.