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What are the parameters for The Selection of 560 or 570 Blower?

The first question that in your mind when choosing blower is Should I chose 560 or 570 blower? This depends on the unique features offered by the 560 and 570 versions. 560 versions don’t have waist and chest safety belts while the 570 versions have both. This makes a lot of difference to the safety parameters. This also has an effect on the harnessing factors. When you wear the safety belts and tighten the strips evenly on the chest and waist, the pressure gets distributed equally across your body and the shoulders and the task of blowing becomes simpler and faster.

Comparing Features – 560 or 570 Blower?

  • The choke setting in the case of 560 is almost like a semicircle. The direction in which you press the primer bulb is also the same. In the case of 570 it is vertical. You start pressing the primer bulb from the bottom up position when the fuel starts filling it. It is not mandatory for the bulb to get filled completely for both versions. The way of starting the engine with the pull type cord is also same in both the versions.
  • 570 (236 miles/hour) blower offers better fan performance compared to 560 (232miles/hour). The average air volume and air blowing speed is also 29% more for the 570 blower compared to 560.
  • The vibration levels at the handles and is 2.3m/S2 for the 560 while it is 1.8m/S2 for the 570 version. That means the level of noise and vibrations have been relatively reduced in the 570 version. This should answer your question, whether to choose 560 or 570 blower?
  • The 570 blower weights 11.1 KG without fuel while the 570 blower is relatively light in weight as it weighs only 10.5 KG. So you can say 560-blower is relatively easy to carry around than the 570.
  • Maximum engine output of the 560 blower is 2.84 KW/8100RPM, while it is 2.94KW/8000RPM. That means the output of the 570-blower is higher than the 570-blower. If a blower is able to generate more power in kilowatt-hour in lesser number of rotations per minute then it is naturally considered to be more efficient. However, the need for engine output also depends on the kind of task you are performing and the optimized fuel consumption for the same task. If you have a small garden around your house which needs to be maintained, the 560 blower is sufficient. Opting for a 570-blower would mean waste of fuel. On the other hand large sized gardens need 570-blower as the volume of work is higher. So you need to base your decision based on these two factors.

These are the major differences observed between the 56-blower and 570-blower according to the manufacturer specification sheet. You may find many other differences also based on the brands. You can say that the 570-blower is needed for generating higher output when compared to the 570-blower.