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Top 5 Functional Features of the Best Golf GPS for Beginner

The effectiveness of the best Golf GPS for a beginner can be experienced when you are able to practice your swing shots to perfection. For this you need to keep your head and shoulders in line with the ball just behind it. If you are a right hander, your right shoulder goes below the left. You follow it up with wrist cocking, doble lever action and the follow up actions to keep your swing in the right angle and direction. These are some of the tips you get while practicing your game. The best golf GPS devices can deliver much more. They can tune your body and mind into perfect shape for the best output you can produce in the golf course.

Swing Analysis with the Best Golf GPS

  • Good body posture is the first step for making a great swing. When you start working with the best golf GPS, you will start exploring the various methods for hip position, knee bending, shoulder position and angle and the angle in which you hold the golf club while swinging. The system also shows you the posture of your head, feet and toes. In the initial stages you might find it difficult to practice these things with an electronic device. So you need to make up your mind that this method will surely work for you.
  • Start reading through the golf GPS reviews online. They are written by those users who have good experience with the device for setting their swing actions right. If you wish to have the best golf GPS for Swing monitoring, analyzing and advising, you need to take a good look at the golf GPS buying guide also.

Hazard Mapping with the Best Golf GPS

When you are practicing on unfamiliar golf courses you need a tool for accurately identifying all the hazards within the course. This can be done effectively with the help of 3D or 2D mapping by the golf GPS device.

  • It is not just the identification that matters for you. You may want your system to give you details about the distance, height, depth, length and width of the hazard.
  • Some of the smart devices can tell you how to overcome the hazard by hitting the ball beyond them.

Putting Techniques with the best Golf GPS

Even though it looks simple, at times putting could be highly complex in nature due to the gradient, distance from the hole, obstacles and many other reasons. The golf GPS can show you the most effective ways to “putt” the ball accurately by overcoming the obstacles.

Distance Coverage Techniques with the best Golf GPS

The Shot distance calculator in the best golf GPS can give you the exact yards covered by your shots. This is to overcome the visual illusion that you have hit the ball further than the actual distance covered by the ball.

Accurate Error Detection with the Best Golf GPS

The best golf GPS can detect more than 95% of your mistakes and suggest alternates to rectify them. You can find such devices when you read the golf GPS reviews or golf GPS buying guide.